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MadFit At-Home Taylor Swift Folklore Dance Workout Video

Dance Out Your Feelings With This Full-Body, At-Home Workout Set to Taylor Swift's Folklore

My tears are about to ricochet against my yoga mat, because fitness influencer Maddie Lymburner uploaded a full-body, at-home workout video set to Taylor Swift's Folklore album, and it's beyond soothing. The 15-minute dance workout requires zero equipment and lets you build up your heart rate, while also channelling your inner "Taylor swaying in the gentle breeze of a daisy-speckled meadow."

In true Folklore fashion, the video starts out slow with a few stretches set to "The 1" before moving on to "August," "Exile," and, of course, "Cardigan." Lymburner incorporates squats, high leg lifts, mountain climbers, yoga stretches, and more throughout the video that may have you "sweating through your eyes" more than your pores, if you know what we mean. So if you're looking for an excuse to embrace your inner Swiftie while also squeezing in a relaxing midday dance workout, check out Lymburner's soothing dance routine here.

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