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MOBOT Water Bottle Foam Roller Review

This Foam Roller Helps My Daily Desk-Sitting Back Pain . . . and It's Also a Water Bottle

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MOBOT water bottle

I want you to know that I love my job; I really do. But, like anything that has you typing away day after day at a desk, your body can pay the price. Though I loosen up with yoga every week (which I admittedly need to do more of), my neck and back often ache and harbour a lot of tension. I notice it during work and especially when I get home from my commute. That's why when Lani Cooper, founder and CEO of MOBOT Nation, showed me how to release this tension using one of her brand's foam rollers and I felt relief instantly, I was beyond thrilled. And get this: the foam roller actually doubles as a water bottle.

Lani, who has two decades of experience in the fitness industry as a sports therapist and yoga instructor, came up with the idea for MOBOT seven years ago. Through working with athletes, she quickly learned that hydration and sessions of self myofascial release (focusing on knots or trigger points with a foam roller, massage ball, etc.) help with performance. Targeting those points, too, just feels good and can act as form of self-care.

"This was the best thing I could come up with to try and get people to be curious about working with their bodies," Lani told POPSUGAR. "If you can simply add these two things to your life [self myofascial release and more water], it's going to make a huge impact on your performance at work, on the field, anywhere." She's right. The MOBOT I was gifted, the Grace 27oz MOBOT ($50), encourages both stress-relief and hydration but also comes in an eye-catching camo colorway that is easy to carry with me. It looks good and makes you feel good, too.

It's large enough that it can target those knots in my back with ease — I just place the bottle length-wise against a wall or chair, sit up straight, lean my weight into it, and after around 10 seconds, move slowly from side to side to work out the knot and find other trigger points. The grooves of the foam roller are deep and the material is rather hard, so I would suggest taking your time.

I've also used the MOBOT to roll out my calves, glutes, and hamstrings. To get into those larger muscle groups, I'd suggest opting for the Big Bertha 40oz MOBOT ($60), but the 27oz bottle-foam-roller hybrid still does its job. The smallest size, Firecracker 18oz MOBOT ($40), is especially good for those smaller areas that need tending to — plus, it's even more travel-friendly.

MOBOT has been on the market in the US for about four years already and somehow was only recently put on my radar. I'm glad it was! If I've piqued your interest, you can buy this two-in-one sustainable fitness product at,, Amazon (which you'll see ahead), and other retailers. All I have left to say about it is that my desk-sitting soreness is slowly but surely getting under control. And, foam rolling and staying hydrated never looked so cool.

Image Source: Courtesy of MOBOT Nation
MOBOT Water Bottle Foam Roller Review
Grace 27oz MOBOT
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MOBOT Water Bottle Foam Roller Review
Big Bertha 40oz MOBOT
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MOBOT Water Bottle Foam Roller Review
Firecracker 18oz MOBOT
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