Fill Out Our Quick Survey About Periods to Win a $150 Westfield Voucher

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Here at POPSUGAR, we regularly speak about the topics you (and we) really care about. Close to the top of that list is periods — most of us have had at least one in our lifetimes and that means most of us have also used the plethora of sanitary products that come with them. That’s where our quick little survey below comes in.

We want to know exactly what you think of the products you’re using — the ones you love and the ones you, well, don’t. With all of the options on the market, and the evolving landscape of low-waste, all-natural, 100 per cent plastic-free options bursting onto the scene near-daily, it’s fair to say we all have our favourite.

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, we’d love you to fill out the brief survey below and as a reward, we’ll pop you into the draw to win a $150 Westfield voucher, too. Terms and conditions apply and you can read those here.

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