14 Pro Runners Share the Quotes That Get Them Through Tough Runs

Photo illustration by: Aly Lim

Running can be rough. Sometimes, you find yourself aching through every mile. Other times you chafe so badly you stain your clothes with blood. And every so often, after all those hours, days, weeks spent training, you have to pull out of a race you’ve been working toward when something unexpected like an injury gets in the way. Persevering through it all is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. So it’s no surprise that runners often cling to certain motivational running quotes to get them through the toughest moments.

Whether you’re starting to run for the first time, returning to running, or have a decades-long habit built up, you’ve probably caught yourself turning to a motivational running mantra to help get yourself out the door or keep your pace up at some point in your running journey. To give you access to more words of wisdom when you need it, we asked 14 well-known runners for the motivational running quotes they return to over and over. The next time you find yourself caught on the struggle bus, think back on one of these mantras to help you find your way off of it.

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