The 7 Most Common Myths About the Morning-After Pill, According to Ob-Gyns

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When the morning-after pill is brought up, voices drop to a whisper, like it’s the world’s most well-kept secret. In fact, the very mention of emergency contraception can feel taboo, with the implication being that there’s a certain level of irresponsibility that has to be present for a person to need it. As a result, information about the morning-after pill is limited at best, and circulated largely through rumors and the uncertain channels of the internet.

The buildup of popular misconceptions can eventually make pills like Plan B seem like daunting options rather than helpful measures, and these inaccuracies may even deter people from utilizing emergency contraception to harness their own reproductive health and assist in their family planning. With so much misinformation about the morning-after pill still swimming around the internet, we spoke to several ob-gyns to debunk the myths once and for all. From the most common misconceptions they’ve heard in their practice to the basic information they wished more people knew, this is the truth about emergency contraception.

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