These Booty Workout Videos Come Straight From Trainers – and They're Equipment-Free

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My favorite type of workout is a routine that gets into my glutes. Why? Because I sit for the majority of the day, and I enjoy waking up my butt muscles. There’s also something extra empowering about having a strong lower body. I can successfully challenge myself to a tough workout and feel good doing it. Though incorporating resistance into those workouts (be that booty bands or weights) is essential for progressing, bodyweight booty sessions can be an effective use of a person’s time if they’re learning new moves or taking it easier in between heavy lifting days.

It also goes without saying that no-equipment booty workouts are great for those just starting out or for those who have limited access to weights. Ahead, you’ll find follow-along, trainer-led sessions straight from YouTube you can do right at home. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get more glute exercises in, or a person on any level interested in an equipment-free routine, these booty videos are for you. Plus, here are more low-impact butt workouts from YouTube. Grab some water, find an open space, and press play!

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