Signing Up For Noom? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of the Popular Weight-Loss Plan

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Noom is a popular diet plan that aims to help people not only lose weight but also develop a healthier relationship with food and sustain lifelong habits. But Noom isn’t like other programs on the market; it was created with the help of registered dietitians and mental health experts and uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help you assess your thoughts around food and other lifestyle habits and work to make better choices.

“A program like Noom is not designed to help you to only count calories; it’s designed to change how you think about the ‘why’ behind your food choices and enforce lifelong habits,” explained Andreas Michaelides, PhD, chief psychology officer at Noom. “Allow yourself the time it takes to create these sustainable changes and focus on the little wins each day that will get you there.”

You may have heard about Noom and even seen the encouraging personal stories on TV or social media, but you still may not be completely sure what the program entails. I joined Noom again in the beginning of 2021, and it’s been helpful to keep me accountable and reach my weight-loss goals. I previously did the program in 2019 and lost more than 15 pounds. After a – shall we say, challenging? – 2020, I was eager to get back on track and lose the 15-plus pounds I’d gained over the pandemic.

Whether you’re joining Noom for the first time ever, coming back after a hiatus, or rejoining for the second (or third) time, I tapped some of Noom’s experts who explain how to get the most out of this plan. I’ve also shared some personal tips that have helped me on my journey. Trust me, if I can make this plan work for me, anyone can.

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