These Are the Breads a Dietitian Eats at Home – and You Should, Too

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There’s no need to banish bread from your diet – no matter what you’ve heard, carbs are not your enemy – but you do want to follow these dietitian-approved guidelines in order to ensure you’re buying the healthiest breads possible. When shopping for bread, look beyond claims like “7-grain,” “sprouted,” or “multigrain.” Many loaves sound healthy when in fact they’re not much more than enriched white flour. To ensure you’re getting adequate fiber and other essential nutrients, you’ll need to read those labels.

Fiber is especially important when looking for healthy breads to add to your diet. Foods that are high in fiber – such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes – help slow digestion and keep you fuller longer, which can actually result in you eating fewer calories. If you’re looking to maximise your fiber intake while eating less virtuous ingredients like sugar, you can’t go wrong with any of the breads listed here.

Healthiest Breads: What to Look For

Look for breads that are made of whole grains and contain:

  • No more than 110 calories per serving
  • At least two grams of fiber
  • No more than four grams (one tsp.) of sugar
  • Three or more grams of protein
  • Zero grams of saturated fat
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