An Ob-Gyn Weighs In on Whether or Not You Should Wear Underwear to Bed

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When you’re going to bed, you generally want to be as comfortable as possible to log in some quality Zs. For some, that means changing into a cozy set of flannel PJs. And for others, that might mean going commando.

In case you were wondering, in terms of vaginal health, there’s no reason you need to wear underwear to bed. Marsha F. Granese, MD, an ob-gyn with Providence Mission Hospital in California, confirmed this fact.

So, if you prefer to ditch your underwear before slipping under the sheets, you’re good to go. Though, it doesn’t hurt to make sure those sheets are clean!

If your preference is to wear underwear while sleeping, consider choosing a cotton pair instead of a synthetic like polyester. (Yes, there’s actually an underwear fabric that’s better for your vagina.) According to Dr. Granese, cotton is a more breathable fabric. Other fabrics may hold onto moisture, meaning they could become breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast that prefer wet, warm environments.

But your underwear style might need some adjustments too. “If you’re more prone to vaginal infections, I would avoid wearing thongs altogether,” Dr. Granese said. “At night, there’s no pros or cons to wearing underwear or not, but I would say avoiding thong underwear would be the most preventative way to prevent infections.”

As Dr. Granese explained, this is because thong underwear has the potential to track rectal bacteria and flora into the vagina.

Other than avoiding thongs and sticking with cotton, you’ll also want to make sure you opt for properly fitting underwear or looser-fitting underwear, which Dr. Granese said won’t hold onto as much warmth compared to tight underwear and will provide a better environment for preventing infections.

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