Cardio Doesn’t Have to Mean Going For a Run – Take This Home Partner Workout as Proof

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Let’s clear something up – cardio workouts aren’t solely reserved for the elliptical, treadmill, bike, track, nature trail, or open road.

Aerobic exercises also fit the bill, and lend themselves well to partner workouts. Why not get the entire household active at one time?

Recruiting a teammate should be a breeze thanks to the following duo circuit by Dan Jonhenry, an ACE-certified personal trainer and the director of Fitness at Retro Fitness.

He challenges you (and your plus one) to complete three to five rounds of his regimen, allowing for 40 seconds of rest between each set.

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Plank High Fives

Partner A and Partner B: Get into plank positions (your weight should be on your hands and feet) while facing each other. Use the same hand as your partner and give each other a high five. Simultaneously alternate hands for 40 seconds.

Mountain Climbers and Wall Sits

Partner A: Get in plank position and perform mountain climbers until you complete 50 reps.

Partner B: With your back against a wall, get into a squat position with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms forward and hold until Partner A completes the mountain climbers.

Partner A and Partner B: Once Partner A finishes mountain climbers, switch roles.

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Jump Squats

Partner A and Partner B: Get into a squat position while facing one another. Both partners burst up from the squat into a jump and high five while in the air.

Partner A and Partner B: Repeat for 20 reps.

Jumping Jacks and Butt Kickers

Partner A: Bring your hands together above your head as you jump both legs out to the side to perform a jumping jack until you’ve completed 30 reps.

Partner B: Standing tall, alternate your legs as you bend each back in a reverse kick. Your foot should touch your butt each time. Repeat until Partner A finishes 30 jumping jacks, then switch roles.

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