Pip Edwards on the Biggest Wellness Myth She Once Believed

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A hallmark of Pip Edwards’ personal brand is wellness. She’s the co-founder of activewear brand P.E Nation, often shares Insta-snaps of her at the gym and is a long-time local of Bondi, easily the Sydney suburb most associated with wellness (though, Edwards now lives in Rose Bay).

She’s one of the best people to ask: what’s the biggest wellness myth you’ve ever heard? We put the question to Edwards at the launch event for a P.E Nation capsule collection, stocked exclusively on THE ICONIC, as well as in P.E Nation’s Sydney store and online.

“I always thought you had to be strict and watch what you eat, but I learnt that for me, it’s down to portion control,” she says. “That’s something specific to my body and what I’ve found works to stay healthy and maintain it.”

It’s a common misconception, Edwards says, that there’s a blanket wellness solution for everyone when, in reality, we’re all different. Instead, she encourages people to seek out what suits them.

These days, Edwards’ wellness routine consists of walking around three times a week, pilates twice a week and after-work swims and sauna sessions when she can. Every other day, she also takes time out of her day to stare at the ocean.

“It makes me realise how small I am in such an expansive world,” she says. “Gazing at the horizon gives me the feeling I can push through challenges, evoking a sense of limitlessness, like nothing’s going to stand in your way.”

Edwards also uses crystals on her desk to lean into when needed, depending on her mood and what she wants to feel. In her home and at the office, she burns incense and douses spaces with aura sprays. Her ultimate wellness indulgence is a healing massage at Sydney spa Venustus, which transports her to a place where she can truly disconnect.

It’s that disconnected destination that was the inspiration behind THE ICONIC-exclusive collection, which comprises track pants and shorts, hoodies, tees, a zip-up jumper and a singlet.  

“The idea for [the collection] came from my mindful practices and that need to sometimes step away from being so fast-paced,” she says. “It’s about making space to slow things down and create balance with more leisurely activity in our lives.”

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