Peloton Breaks Into Fitness Gaming With New Bike-Exclusive Experience


Peloton has officially entered the world of fitness gaming with its newest launch, Lanebreak. The Lanebreak game takes Peloton members through one of six winding outer space-like courses to collect illuminated neon bars with a “wheel-inspired” avatar, according to a Peloton press release. Each course is inspired by a different genre of music – pop, hip-hop, rock, and EDM – and features artists like David Guetta and Cardi B, thanks to a partnership between Peloton and Warner Music Group.

As of Feb. 17, Lanebreak is available under the “More Rides” category at the bottom of the connected tablet for all-access bike and bike+ Peloton members. Co-creator and instructor Emma Lovewell said in the press release that with the launch of Lanebreak, members now have the option to “ride to some killer music without an instructor.”

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How Does Peloton’s Lanebreak Game Work?

Once a member enters Lanebreak, they’re greeted by a start screen containing playlist options, a list of their rides, their friends list, and four leaderboards corresponding to the range of difficulty levels within the game: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Playing Lanebreak requires riders to use the resistance dial, and pedals earn points and stars.

The resistance dial helps the rider change lanes with onscreen cues, and members can collect bars along the track as they pedal. Riders gain points for being in the right lane on time, increasing speed at times to “fill pyramid shapes” (pictured below), and pedaling within the “target range” displayed on the screen. Depending on the rider’s overall performance, they can earn anywhere from zero to three stars along with their total points.

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