Everything to Know About Peloton Lanebreak – Which You Can Now Play on the Tread

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In February 2022, Peloton officially entered the world of fitness gaming with its launch of Lanebreak, an interactive workout game experience exclusively for the Peloton Bike. Since then, members have completed millions of Lanebreak workouts, according to a release from the brand.

In the wake of its success, Peloton is expanding the platform: starting today, Lanebreak Tread is available to all Peloton Tread members globally, bringing the same gamified experience of the original Lanebreak release to the brand’s treadmills.

“The Peloton experience has been infused with gamification principles since the beginning, with features such as the in-class leaderboard, achievements, and streaks . . . [but] Lanebreak classes are fun, immersive, and drive you to hit workout cues in a unique way,” Tom Cortese, Peloton’s co-founder and chief product officer, said in the release.

Lanebreak Bike and Lanebreak Tread encourage you to pedal or run your way through an immersive, outer-spacey course. The scenery and Peloton’s incredible music library make the workouts fun and upbeat even without an instructor’s cueing. Every Lanebeak level is set to a unique playlist, and the flow of the level (including speed, onscreen cues, and the goal or type of workout) is synced to the music.

Since music is such an integral part of Peloton’s workouts (Lanebreak and otherwise), Peloton also teamed up with DJ and producer Tiësto to help celebrate the launch of Lanebreak Tread. Plus, the platform will include a custom 30-minute workout featuring music from his latest album, “Drive.”

“Music has a unique ability to motivate and bring out energy when we need it most. Being active and working out is something I love to do, and the high energy in my music is the perfect fit. I am thrilled Peloton selected the DJ Mix version of my latest album DRIVE for the new Lanebreak Tread workout,” Tiësto said in the press release.

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How Peloton Lanebreak Tread Works

Exclusively for Peloton members with the Tread and an all-access membership, you can find Lanebreak Tread in the “More Runs” tab at the bottom of the tablet and browse through individual levels within the on-demand class library.

When tackling a Lanebreak Tread workout, the aim is to match and sustain incline or speed according to cues on screen, all with the goal of getting the highest score possible. (Yes, there are Lanebreak-specific leaderboards.)

You progress through courses, all set to music, as a “tread-inspired avatar” (shown below) and are presented with “pacer moments” in which you’re encouraged to run or walk at a faster pace for a specific period of time, which is shown as a highlighted purple track.

One of the coolest features shows up in hill workouts. When you’re heading into a hill in the Lanebreak Tread course, the Tread will automatically adjust its incline to follow the curve shown on the course. And though it sounds challenging, rest assured: there’s a variety of pace-based difficulty options so that you can run, jog, or walk with Lanebreak no matter your level.

If even Peloton’s best instructors aren’t enough to motivate you to run harder, faster, up a hill – or at all – this gamified treadmill workout just might do the trick.

How Peloton Lanebreak Bike Works

Lanebreak Bike is available under the “More Rides” category at the bottom of the connected tablet for all-access Bike and Bike+ Peloton members.

Similar to Lanebreak Tread, Lanebreak Bike presents you as a “wheel-inspired avatar” and takes you through winding, soundtracked courses to earn points and climb up the leaderboard.

The Lanebreak Bike track contains six lanes, each of which is a different resistance. Using the resistance dial, you can change lanes to respond to onscreen cues and collect bars along the track as you pedal.

You gain more points for being in the right lane “on time,” increasing speed during intervals to “fill pyramid shapes” (pictured below) and pedaling within the target range displayed on the screen. Each one of these goals is presented as a different highlighted color on the track.

As with Lanebreak Tread, there’s a breadth of workout levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert – so you can find a difficulty that’s right for you.

When Lanebreak Bike first launched, co-creator and instructor Emma Lovewell said in a press release that members gained the option to “ride to some killer music without an instructor.” And though Peloton’s instructors are one of the best parts of the platform, members are clearly loving the option.

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