Need a Workout Buddy? Join the Virtual POPSUGAR Workout Club and Get Motivated!

POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly

In need of a new workout or a little motivation? Want to know if that shiny new stationary bike is worth the hype? Just looking for a safe space to complain about burpees and push-ups?

Introducing the POPSUGAR Workout Club, where you’ll get all that and more. This is a judgment-free zone to talk about all things us fitness fanatics love, from our favorite workout equipment to the latest YouTube trainers we’ve been following to our own goals and challenges. It’s like having hundreds of virtual workout buddies there to encourage you when you really, really don’t want to log on for that morning HIIT class.

Why? Well, committing to fitness is challenging at every level, whether you’re just getting started or right in the middle of your journey. As a runner, it took me years before I tried HIIT, weightlifting, or yoga – because trying new things, all on your own, is intimidating! We hope you’ll join this community to swap workout recs, get motivated, and find encouragement to keep going even when you’re nervous, a little scared to try something new, or just plain tired and sore. (We’ve allll been there.)

If you’re ready to get in on the action, put on your comfiest workout clothes, join us on Facebook, and let’s get sweating!

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