9 Protein Smoothie Recipes to Get You Out of Your Post-Workout Rut

Getty / Kseniya Ovchinnikova

If smoothies have one downside, it’s that they don’t always keep you full. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for tasty protein smoothie recipes. Getting enough protein in your smoothies can make a huge difference in terms of satiety, helping you actually stay full for hours. High-protein smoothie recipes can also help you recover from a workout – and they’re as easy as throwing some ingredients into a blender, which is perfect when you’re drained from the gym and don’t want to cook a full meal, or even figure out a high-protein snack.

We gathered up nine delicious high-protein smoothie recipes, including smoothie recipes with protein powder and protein smoothie recipes that get their macros from another source (looking at you, cottage cheese). Exactly how much protein these smoothie recipes deliver will depend on the ingredients you use, but you can expect to be getting anywhere from 15 gram to 30-plus grams per glass, from sources including nuts, tofu, and yogurt in addition to the aforementioned protein powders and cottage cheese.

Here, nine protein smoothie recipes that will keep you full and help you recover, all while tasting amazing. Enjoy!

– Additional reporting by Mirel Zaman

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