This Outdoor Meditation Is Great For Those With Limited Access to Nature

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Staying home can mean lots of screen time and not a ton of fresh air – this sort of imbalance could be contributing to that tension headache, anxiety, and stress you may be feeling. If your space safely allows, a quick way to recoup is connecting with nature for a few minutes, but you can maximize the physical and mental benefits of being outside by meditating at the same time, too.

“To prepare for this specific meditation, find a quiet space outside – maybe your backyard or front porch. If you’re in a city, get outside for a walking meditation if you can,” said Nina Endrst, a reiki master and holistic healer and the creator of The SoulUnity.

For those without an outdoor space or who don’t feel comfortable being in a public setting, open a window so you can feel the fresh air on your skin, Endrst said.

If your eyes are open because you are walking or reading, that’s OK – do your best to breathe and stay present with yourself as you follow along with Endrst’s outdoor meditation.

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  • Sit comfortably, or lie down if your space allows.
  • Take a few moments to let your breath move through you. Notice without judgment where the breath is flowing freely and where it might be stuck. Be aware of what is happening in your body.
  • Get quiet, and listen to your surroundings. Is your belly tight? Is your jaw clenched? Gently allow yourself to release a bit deeper into the ground beneath you.
  • Take a deep inhale in through your nose as you bring awareness to your feet and legs.
  • Can you feel the bottom of your feet? Notice how the ground supports you. Let your body relax a little more with every exhale, trusting that the earth is supporting you. At this moment, you are safe. At this moment, you are held.
  • Breathe in for a count of four through the nose. Exhale deeply through the mouth. Push all the air out – and with it, a fear, an anxious thought, and anything that’s not serving you at this moment.
  • Repeat the inhale count of four through the nose, exhale out of the mouth (with sound if you are comfortable) for 10 cycles.
  • Then, rest for 10 minutes or longer. Just be. Find the ground and breathe.

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