Use This Restorative Yoga Flow to Help You Digest When You're Feeling Stuffed

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As a yoga instructor, I know that there are active yoga poses that can aid with digestion, but right after a big meal, the last thing I want to do is hover in a Boat Pose. So, ahead is a six-pose restorative flow to help aid in digestion.

The Supine Twist and Wind Relieving Pose will especially help access the ascending and descending colon in a way that helps move your Thanksgiving dinner through your large intestine. Once you’ve gotten things movin’, make sure to take the Constructive Rest/Savasana at the end to let your digestive system process the assistance you’ve given it without any external stressors.

Restorative Yoga Flow For Digestion

Directions: Do this restorative yoga flow on a yoga mat or carpet or in your bed. Each posture also includes tips so you can customise the move to your comfort.

  1. Supported Child’s Pose
  2. Cat Cow
  3. Wide Standing Forward Fold
  4. Wind Relieving Pose
  5. Supine Twist
  6. Constructive Rest/Savasana

Reminder: You can use this flow all year-round for when you need a little help digesting whatever feast you’ve had.

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