This Is the Only Sleep Remedy That Has Worked For Me Without Fail This Year

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The challenges of the past nearly two years have most likely had a direct impact on your sleep. The stress, worry and strain of events around the world hasn’t created a healthy environment for slumber, and if you haven’t had a proper night of sleep in a long time, all I can say is I see you and I understand.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve struggled with sleep for most of my adult life and I’ve tried every natural remedy under the sun in the last few years but I’ve never found anything that sticks. A sleepy tea might work for a few nights but doesn’t seem to have staying power long term.

I’ve tried natural sleep supplements, teas, meditating, cutting out technology before bed, diffusing essential oils for relaxation, nighttime yoga, ditching coffee, creating a solid bedtime ritual and have varying levels of success over the years.

But, the past year has caused my sleep difficulties to ramp up and not even meditating has been able to quiet my busy brain, which is often responsible for the struggle to fall asleep. So, when I got the chance to try another sleep remedy, I jumped at it because I literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The remedy in question is the Rochway Beauty Sleep ($49.99), a liquid you take one to two hours before bed that makes you super sleepy. The formula includes sour cherry, which is rich in melatonin (the sleep hormone!) and encourages restful sleep, as well as valerian and hops to promote relaxation and calmness.

The addition of marine collagen helps to rehydrate skin, while also supporting the gut and improving energy, which is an added bonus to the sleepy benefits. The first time I tried Rochway’s Beauty Sleep, I could barely keep my eyes open an hour later and slept all the way through to morning without waking up. What a (literal) dream!

I’ve since gone through three bottles of Beauty Sleep and it has the same effect every single time. My personal issue with sleep is that I find it hard to fall asleep as my brain is extremely busy. And, while meditation often helps quiet this noise, it’s not an exact science and sometimes my brain doesn’t want to play ball.

So, the best part about Beauty Sleep is that I’m not even given time to think about quieting my thoughts as an hour after consuming a mouthful of the liquid, I begin to feel drowsy. And, once my head hits the pillow, sleep isn’t far away. Instead of spending hours tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be asleep within 10 minutes of getting into bed if I’ve taken the Beauty Sleep liquid.

While each body is different and you may not have the same result from Beauty Sleep, I had to share the magic of this remedy because if it can help you achieve better sleep, then it’s worth trying, right? Wishing you nothing but long and restful nights of sleep ahead.

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