Get Sarah Hyland’s Hardcore Arm and Back Moves For a Strong, Sculpted Upper Body

Getty / Amy Sussman / Staff

People, the time has come to talk about Sarah Hyland’s upper body workouts. We’ve already discussed the Modern Family actress’s ab circuits (one word: wow), but her arms and back routine might be even more impressive. Getting strong is Sarah’s goal, and these exercises will do it: pull-ups, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and more, all shared in her saved Instagram story, “Strong > Skinny.” Sarah’s said in the past that working out is a key part of her mental health routine; she’s in it for the physical gains and the mental ones, which makes us want to hit these moves even more.

Keep reading for Sarah’s favorite back, arm, and shoulder exercises, which are bound to make you feel just as strong, sculpted, and capable as she does.

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