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Scottie Pippen's "The History of a Dream" Sleep Story

We're Ready to Doze Off After Hearing Scottie Pippen's Soothing Voice in This Sleep Story

Sleep stories may sound like a thing just for children, but they can help anyone destress, relax, and prepare for a quality night's rest. To help you reach a state of deep relaxation, six-time NBA Champion and two-time Olympian Scottie Pippen narrated "The History of a Dream" for the Calm app. The 34-minute story guides you through the history of basketball and Pippen's experiences as a player. If you're a fan of Pippen or are looking for a simple way to relax, check out a snippet of Pippen's sleep story above, and listen to the full story on the Calm app.

Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt
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