Stuck In an Exercise Rut? You Should Try Skipping — Here’s Why

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It’s easy to become stuck in an exercise rut. When you find a style of exercise you enjoy, there’s a tendency to go hard but after a few weeks or months, you get bored. If you’re feeling a little lost in your current exercise routine, why not try adding skipping to your workout repertoire?

You might not have jumped rope since primary school but what was once a fun game to play with friends is actually a great form of exercise. And, once you purchase a rope, it’s cheap and can be done basically anywhere. As much as we love trying out a new gym class, it’s handy to have something as easy as skipping up your sleeve when you want to move your body but you’re not sure what you feel like.

Aside from the convenience of this activity, there are also a number of health benefits to skipping. These include:

Improved heart health

Skipping is great cardio, which in turn does wonders for your heart health and can help reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. This form of exercise gets your heart pumping and research shows that it’s particularly good for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.

A study from 2018 looked at the effect of teen girls who had prehypertension, or borderline high blood pressure. According to Insider, after 12-weeks, those in the study who engaged in skipping had lower levels of body fat on the abdomen as well as a better pulse rate, which both contribute to heart health.

Better for your body

While hitting the pavement for a run might be your favourite form of movement, it can be pretty hard on your body. In fact, according to Healthline, 79 percent of runners report some form of injury in any given year, with the most common injuries happening to the knees and lower extremeties.

Skipping still offers a great cardio workout without the wear and tear on your body. By moving from one foot to the other, you’re offering your body support and there isn’t as much force when your feet hit the ground. If you have any knee-related issues at all, give running a miss and pick up a skipping rope instead.

Improved coordination

Work on your balance, stamina and coordination with skipping. As you get older, your agility begins to decline so to stay on top of this, try jumping rope. A study from 2011 found that skipping helps children improve their coordination and balance, which is important as they grow. Skipping as an adult will help you work on these areas, while also increasing your exercise stamina.

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