50% of Aussies Don’t Get Enough Sleep — How to Remedy This Naturally

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A balanced lifestyle is important in living a healthy life, but sleep is arguably one of the most important factors in this. But, scarily, 50 percent of Australians aren’t getting enough shut-eye, according to In Essence. In order to help change this statistic, In Essence is on a mission to fix our relationship with sleep through powerful therapeutic essential oils.

If you’re unfamiliar, certain pure essential oils, when inhaled or massaged into the body, can provide calming effects to both the mind and body. When used before bed, this can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Research has shown that just smelling a few drops of essential oils can act as a natural sedative, while also helping to reduce stress levels.

“A sleep routine is very important,” said sleep expert Dr. Carmel Harrington. “One hour before bedtime, switch off technology, dim the lights in the room, and reach for sleep-inducing essential oils. This act of switching off allows our body to recognise when it’s time for sleep. Our brain responds so well to environmental stimulators, so when diffusing essential oils at this time, our body gets ready to quiet down and enter the nurturing and nourishing phase.”

If you’re keen on incorporating essential oils into your sleep routine, consider trying In Essence’s Sleep Range, which includes the ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend ($34.95). A relaxing blend of lavender, mandarin, chamomile and valerian helps prepare your body and mind for sleep. Add six to nine drops into your oil diffuser or massage six drops with one tablespoon of carrier oil to massage directly onto your body.

The ie: Sleep Essential Oil Mist can be used as a body or room mist that includes lavender, mandarin, chamomile and valerian — oils that are all used in aromatherapy. Use when feeling stressed, to relieve tension or as a relief for sleeplessness by lightly spritzing on your chest and back or in the air. Spray 15 minutes before bed to reap the sleepy benefits.

If sign up to the In Essence database now, you’ll also be able to score $20 off your first order. Wishing you a restful sleep, friends!

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