I Tried These 7 Tips From a Sleep Expert to Help Me Sleep Through the Night

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I struggle to stay asleep almost every night. If I’m really excited or nervous for something happening the next day, sleeping is nearly impossible. For most of my life I thought that jolting awake at 3 a.m. was a me issue, but it turns out that it’s fairly common.

I was excited to have a consultation with certified adult and pediatric sleep consultant Kelly Murray. During our conversation, I detailed my sleeping difficulty that started when I was a child. As I described my childhood, including a few traumatic events, she explained that the body can store trauma, and a result can be trouble sleeping.

As we were going over my current pre-bedtime habits, I mentioned that watching YouTube videos and scrolling through TikTok were staples in my routine. She said that the constant blue-light exposure inhibits my brain’s ability to recognise when it’s time to sleep, so that is also a cause of my insomnia.

After the consultation, Murray curated a sleep plan with recommendations on how I can fall asleep and stay asleep. Ahead are seven of the tips that I’ve tried and how each of them has worked for me.

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