Over New Year's Resolutions? Then Consider These 10 Small Goals For a Healthier 2021

Getty / Delmaine Donson

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. During this time of year, I feel like it’s so easy to set unrealistic goals, and thus, to set yourself up for self-esteem wrecking failure (been there, done that). That’s why I’ve been making the same resolution every January for years: practice kindness.

However, I am a fan of setting small, realistic goals at the beginning of each year, especially when they’re scientifically proven to boost your physical and mental health. Rather than putting a ton of pressure on yourself to meet a long list of New Year’s resolutions that may or may not be attainable for you at this stage of your life – and that may take more than a year to achieve – consider setting the following small goals for a healthier new year. They may not seem like much, but over time, they’ll probably transform your life in a superpositive way.

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