These 15 Sports Documentaries On Netflix Will Make You Cry Ugly Tears


What is it about sports documentaries that always makes us weep – in a good way? Perhaps the heart-wrenching drama is build right into the plotline – there will always be tragic losses, euphoric wins, the hope of a comeback . . . all key elements of the sort of emotional roller coaster that can bring on the waterworks. Wehther you’re a sports person or not, cuing up one or two sports documentaries on Netflix is a guaranteed good time (if you consider, say, a weekly crying session a good time), as long as you have a box of tissues or two nearby.

From mainstream sports like basketball and baseball to athletic activities you may know less about, including sumo wrestling, archery, and freediving, this list of Netflix sports documentaries and docuseries includes all the best films you can find on the streaming platform. Whether you’re in the mood for an exposé, a comeback story, or an interesting deep dive into a sport you know little about, there’s a Netflix sports documentary that’ll fit the bill.

But one note to Netflix, if we may be so presumptuous: more women’s sports documentaries and docuseries, please.

Additional reporting by Mirel Zaman

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