‘I’m In Absolutely No Hurry to Look a Certain Way’: Steph Claire Smith on Post-Baby Bounce Back Culture

Keep It Cleaner

Stephanie Miller, AKA Steph Claire Smith, is the co-founder of Keep It Cleaner (KIC) — a health app that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Miller and her co-founder Laura Henshaw recently announced the creation of KICBUMP — a series of pre and postnatal Pilates workouts available via the Keep It Cleaner app.

Miller herself is heavily pregnant — nine months, to be exact! — and was inspired to create a program that was safe for mums-to-be and new mums alike. “We would get so many messages from expecting mummas asking if the KIC program was safe for them to follow — so we knew there were women in the community who were looking for guidance and a routine to follow while they were pregnant,” Miller told POPSUGAR Australia.

“Once I announced my pregnancy those questions started flooding in, and I completely understand why! In the first trimester particularly, I jumped on Google and found that there were quite a lot of polarising opinions on what women should and should not do during pregnancy.”

Navigating exercise in pregnancy can be tough as there is a lot of conflicting information online as to what you should and shouldn’t be doing at this time. Combined with your varying energy levels during pregnancy, exercise can almost seem *too* difficult at this time.

“Understanding what you can and can’t do during pregnancy can be really confusing and quite overwhelming, I totally get it!” Miller said. “Which is why I am so excited to launch KICBUMP, you’ll be surprised at what your body can do! Squats and scooters are great standing exercises that are both safe and comfortable for mums-to-be, or you could try clams or leg lifts where you’re lying on your side.

“Four-point kneeling donkey kicks or upper body tricep extensions will get your body working too! Remember to always check in with your healthcare professional to get the tick of approval before you start anything new.”

KICBUMP includes all of the benefits of typical Pilates classes but modifies movements so they are safe for mums-to-be and new mums. According to Miller, the pace of the sessions has been slowed down and there is an emphasis on cues that help you find and activate your pelvic floor.

While pregnancy is undoubtedly an exciting time for expectant parents, it can bring about a sense of pressure to look a certain way post-baby. Add on top of the fact Miller is the co-founder of a health and fitness program, it would be understandable if she was feeling similarly overwhelmed by bounce back culture. But, Miller isn’t in a rush for her body to ‘bounce back’ after she gives birth to her baby boy.

“I’m in absolutely no hurry to look a certain way, my body has gone through some incredible changes and I know that I’ll need time to heal and recover,” Miller said. “In saying that, exercise is what keeps me happy and healthy so I’m really excited to try KICBUMP’s postnatal Pilates program for my recovery. It’s a gentle series that starts from the very basics, helping me reintroduce my body to exercise — when the time is right, without putting any pressure on myself!”

KICBUMP launches in the Keep It Cleaner app on Sunday, May 9, which fittingly happens to be Mother’s Day in Australia. A subscription to the KIC app costs $19.95 per month or $114.99 for the year.

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