6 Signs That You Could Have Body Dysmorphia, According to a Therapist

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Diet culture is pervasive, and when you’re constantly surrounded by messages that suggest your body isn’t good enough, it’s easy to feel insecure. But at what point do issues with body image turn into body dysmorphia? Body dysmorphia can cause you to obsess over your perceived flaws, but “[it] is not in itself a diagnosis,” Marina Harris, PhD, a fellow at the National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (NCEED), told POPSUGAR. “Symptoms of body dysmorphia can be present in anyone or across diagnoses like anorexia, bulimia, etc.”

When you think of those who are most likely to struggle with body dysmorphia or disordered eating, you may picture young, thin, overwhelmingly white women. But in many cases, marginalized communities are more likely to live with eating disorders, and they often face additional barriers in getting diagnosed. If you’re worried that you or a loved one may be experiencing body dysmorphia, keep reading for the most common symptoms and some helpful tips from Dr. Harris. For more resources, visit the NCEED’s website.

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