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Tammy Hembrow Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Recipe Is Both Delicious and Good For Your Gut

Today, influencer Tammy Hembrow's exercise app, Tammy Fit, announced a new in-app feature called The Smoothie Bar, where users can access a bunch of delicious smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes courtesy of naturopath and nutritionist, Maddie Bingham.

To celebrate the launch, the Tammy Fit team have shared this delicious Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie Bowl recipe as a little taster for what's in the app. This recipe is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C which helps promote collagen production and give us glowy skin, says Maddie.

"Bananas are also a source of resistant starch which has prebiotic effects and can promote our overall gut health. A healthy gut is also paramount for glowing skin. And bananas also contain high amounts of potassium and magnesium which are great for reducing post-workout muscle soreness."

Scroll for the full recipe.

Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie Bowl

Maddie Bingham for The Smoothie Bar on Tammy Fit

Tammy Hembrow Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Recipe


  1. 4 frozen bananas
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 tsp maca powder (optional)
    1 tsp vanilla protein powder of your choice
    ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk
    ¼ cup fresh fruit such as berries and kiwi fruit (for topping)
    1 tsp shredded coconut for topping
    1/2 tsp activated buckwheat groats (for topping)


  • Prepare the smoothie by adding all the smoothie ingredients to a high-speed blender.
  • The key to getting a thick consistency is lots of frozen fruit and minimal milk, if it is too thick for your blender, add some more milk while blending the smoothie bowl for 5-10 minutes.
  • Divide the smoothie mixture into two bowls and top with fresh fruit, activated buckwheat groats and coconut.


Calories per serving
165 Calories
Image Source: Supplied
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