F45, Tennis and Pilates: How The Bachelor Girls Keep Fit While in the Mansion

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While rose ceremonies and dates with Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson take up a lot of the time for the bachelorettes, they still have a fair bit of downtime in the Bachie mansion. We know that some of this time is spent journalling, reading and gossiping, but the ladies of The Bachelor also spend their free hours engaging in exercise.

In fact, some of the women incorporate a number of different workouts into their days, including Pilates, boxing and F45-style workouts. Marketing manager Holly Kingston makes sure to prioritise exercise for both the physical and mental benefits it provides. “It’s a good way to look after your mental health in the mansion, too,” Holly told POPSUGAR Australia.

We chatted to Holly about all things exercise and fitness and how she mixes up her movement to stay motivated.

POPSUGAR Australia: How do you keep fit while in The Bachelor mansion?

Holly Kingston: I have an awesome training buddy in the house — my beautiful bestie Carlie. We work out every day in the gym, which incorporates a mix of Pilates and cardio, and occasionally I do some boxing — a good way to blow off some steam amongst the craziness that is The Bachelor mansion.

I also run laps around the grounds, which is a good way to get those endorphins going. One thing I can’t live without in the mansion — my booty band.

PS: What does your exercise routine look like?

HK: I usually do a short high-intensity exercise routine as I like to keep my workouts quick and effective. This usually involves 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off per exercise (sprinters, push-ups, lunges, rainbows, planks, skipping etc.) My workout usually goes for just under half an hour.

PS: Do the other Bachie ladies get involved?

HK: Occasionally we do F45 workouts as a group or have a hit of tennis, but every day I workout with Carlie and I’ve gotten into a good rhythm with her. She certainly helps motivate me to keep training every day, I always feel so much better if I hop up with her before the other girls get up and workout — particularly before a big day of filming — it’s a good way to look after your mental health in the mansion too.

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