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Full-Body Bodyweight Workout to "Blinding Lights"

Watch This "Blinding Lights" Workout That's Just an Exhausting '80s Dance Party, With Squats

The Weeknd's 2019 single "Blinding Lights" has that smooth '80s vibe that makes you want to either drive intensely through the night, preferably in Las Vegas (à la his totally bananas but strangely satisfying music video), or hit your mat for a punchy, sweat-inducing workout. Alright, fine, maybe working out isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but after watching the workout that fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner made to the track, you can't deny that it works. Like, really works.

Maddie, who's hypnotized us before with "Yummy," "Old Town Road," and "Bad Guy" workouts, hits all the right moves with this quick full-body session. Right from the get-go, you can tell this workout is especially tough on the lower body. She starts off with lunge kicks, then demos different squat variations, like squat walk and a slow squat. But my favourite parts of the workout have to be the perfectly on-beat punches during the chorus, followed by heart-pumping high knees during the synth sections. Maddie's noticeably tired near the end, and you really can't blame her. Check out the catchy, challenging workout above!

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