How to More Effectively Set Boundaries, According to Therapists

Getty / Delmaine Donson

There comes a time when you have to tell the people in your life, “No.” Maybe it’s an overbearing family member, maybe it’s a partner who’s too pushy, maybe it’s a friend who tends to interfere, or maybe it’s a boss who thinks you should be available 24/7. When these situations come up, you might have to start setting some boundaries so you can take care of your own mental health and well-being.

Setting these boundaries with people in your life can be hard, especially if confrontation stresses you out. Boundaries are important, though, as is your mental health, which is why we spoke with three therapists to get their advice on how to talk to the people you’re having problems with and start setting those boundaries. They provided a roadmap for what you can do, from beginning to end, but all three also shared that if it becomes too much, you should seek help from a therapist. Keep reading to see their advice.

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