Dentists Don’t Love the TikTok Trend That Involves Decanting Toothpaste into Glass Dispensers

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In an attempt to make one’s space more aesthetically pleasing, some TikTok users are decanting their toothpaste and mouthwash into glass containers. What seems like a pretty harmless idea — that would definitely improve the look of your bathroom — it’s something dentists actually want you to avoid doing.

Why? Well, while mouthwash is often sold in clear packaging, toothpaste isn’t and there’s a reason for this. According to dentist Dr Suhail Mohiuddin, “the ingredients of toothpaste are not UV-stable so exposing them to light can make them ineffective.”

If you think about the toothpaste aisle at the supermarket, there isn’t a clear packaged toothpaste to be found. Similar to an ingredient like vitamin C used in skincare, toothpaste is quite sensitive and can be rendered useless if exposed to the sun in a clear container. And no one wants toothpaste that isn’t doing what it’s designed to do.


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In some cases, TikTok users are even mixing toothpaste and mouthwash together to create a weird hybrid product to cut down time spent on one’s oral hygiene routine. And unfortunately, dentists aren’t so keen on this idea either due to the use of clear packaging but also because the proportions of the products are being tampered with.

“The thing about a tube of toothpaste is it’s kind of been one of those things that have been refined for many, many years to make sure as far as like the materials inside are at the right proportions,” Dr Amber Donnaig told In The Know. “I just think that’s just something to stay away from.”

So there you have it! While we appreciate the effort to make your space a little prettier, give this trend a miss. Your teeth will thank you.

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