How to Navigate the Holidays If You Have a History of Disordered Eating

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While the holidays can bring a lot of cheer, they can also come with pain. You may be grieving a loved one, seeing a family member who’s hurt you in the past, or struggling to handle the changes to your routine. For many people, the holidays can also be hard for another reason: they’re working to recover from an eating disorder, all while being surrounded by food and loved ones who may subscribe to diet culture. This can create a stressful and triggering environment that may seem too overwhelming to handle.

If you’re recovering from or currently struggling with an eating disorder and you’re worried about the holiday season, you’re not alone, but with some planning, you can get through this. Keep reading for some tips from Allie Weiser, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and the education and resources manager at The Alliance For Eating Disorders Awareness.

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