Travis Barker Says Using a Luxury Enema Kit Helped Him “Marry the Woman of My Dreams”


It should really come as no surprise that Travis Barker’s newest venture is in the realm of poop. After all, he married Kourtney Kardashian – the queen of outlandish health takes, who, alongside Barker, led TV viewers to believe that drinking semen would improve fertility issues.

But on April 25, the former Blink-182 drummer announced his endorsement of a luxury enema kit named after the band’s ’99 album, “Enema of the State.” It sells for a casual $182 and includes a premium enema bulb and a can of Liquid Death water alongside it.

“What’s my secret? How did I marry the woman of my dreams? How have I had such a successful career in music? I use Liquid Death Mountain Water in my assh*le,” the 47-year-old musician said in an Instagram post. “Thanks to my new signature Enema of the State Collectible Enema Kit, I’ve been able to turn my dreams into a reality – and now you can too.”

Though this sounds like it could be a delayed April Fools’ joke, it seems Barker is low-key serious. Later in the Instagram video, a voice-over says, “When used properly, Enema of the State can make you as successful as Travis Barker.”

And while this definitely sounds enticing and perhaps like the bougiest way to rinse your bowels, it may have you wondering: does anyone really need to use enemas, anyway? Fortunately, experts say: no, not really.

An enema is a liquid solution placed into the rectum and colon through the anus with the purpose of “emptying the colon,” explains internal-medicine physician Shoshana Ungerleider, MD. And though people use them for a myriad of different reasons, the more common ones are for constipation relief, for personal hygiene, or before engaging in any sort of anal sex. But the truth is, unless a doctor recommends an enema for use, they’re not necessary for any of these reasons.

Though enemas seem to be gaining popularity as of late thanks to endorsements like this one from Barker, there are some risks associated with regular enema use you should be aware of – and one of the main ones is the potential for injury to the rectal tissues, Dr. Ungerleider says. “The insertion of the enema can cause tearing or perforation of the rectal wall, which can lead to bleeding, infection, or even sepsis in severe cases.”

It’s also worth noting that the actual enema solution – which is normally composed of water and other additives such as saline and mineral oil – can cause harm to the rectal lining if it’s too hot, too cold, or not sterile. So in this case, Liquid Death Mountain Water doesn’t sound like the best thing to use.

Plus, using enemas too frequently can cause an electrolyte imbalance, which can lead to dehydration and “potentially life-threatening complications,” Dr. Ungerleider says. Not to mention, relying too heavily on enemas could lead to dependence on them for regular bowel movements, which isn’t the move either.

If you’re genuinely curious about enema use, you could talk to a doctor about whether it makes sense for you and how to do so safely. But as the voice-over later says in Barker’s Instagram video, “Enema of the State should never be placed in or near your butthole without consulting a doctor first” – even if it is being advertised as something that could help you marry someone like Kardashian.

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