U by Kotex and Thinx Team Up to Create Period Undies That You Can Buy at the Supermarket

Getty Images / U by Kotex + Thinx

When two period care brands team up to create a product together, you know it’s going to be good. U by Kotex, known for its pads, liners and tampons, has collaborated with Thinx, known for its period undies, to create Reusable Period Undies ($20 to $25) — giving people a new way to easily manage their period.

This product combines Thinx’s history of high-performance period underwear with U by Kotex’s leading protection to create comfortable undies that are made from organic cotton and can hold up to five tampons worth. Designed to prevent leaks, the underwear comes in two styles — bikini and full brief — and are available in sizes six to 16.

When it came to creating the Reusable Period Undies, U by Kotex and Thinx wanted to bring attention to the four phases of your cycle by turning them into seasons. By tapping into these phases, you’re better able to understand when certain hormone changes are taking place and how you can work with your body, not against it.

The first phase of your cycle is your period — or winter — and during this time it’s best to lean into protein and fat-rich foods. The follicular phase is spring-like and is the time to start new projects and bulk up your intake of fruits and veggies. Summer — or the ovulation phase — is where you feel positive and stable. The fourth phase, known as the luteal phase, or autumn, in this case, is where you’ll want to focus on comfort and relaxation.

This knowledge is empowering, allowing you to harness each season and make choices dependant on your cycle. This, in turn, helps to shed the taboo around periods. And, to help make access even more simple for you, the U by Kotex and Thinx Reusable Period Undies are available to purchase at Woolworths, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse, so you can pick up a pair in your next grocery shop.

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