These VR Workout Games Are So Fun They Don’t Feel Like Exercise

Getty Images / Alexandr Dubynin

Working out in virtual reality just might be the best of both worlds, at least in the fitness universe. You get to play a video game and get a workout in, too. Plus, you can do the workouts at home and with zero equipment (other than the VR headset itself). And for those who aren’t particularly fitness-inclined, a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout at all can be a great way to add movement to your day.

All that’s to say, VR workouts have a lot of perks. You’ll need a headset, controllers, and a safe, empty space to get started. But from there, the VR fitness world is your oyster. If you’re looking for recommendations, we rounded up 20 of the best VR workout games out there – including Supernatural VR fitness, VR dance-based exercise games, and VR boxing games. If you’re looking for a VR workout game to make your fitness routine a little more fun, keep reading to check them all out.

As always, consult your doctor before starting a new workout regimen. And with VR workout games, it’s important to look out for motion sickness, eye strain, and other issues that may pop up with VR rather than traditional workouts.

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