I Rowed 10,000 Meters Every Day For 1 Month and Damn, Are Those My Shoulders?

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When my gym closed down in March due to the pandemic, I turned to running outside. I loved my hour-long runs on country roads, but winter was coming. Getting up and running in the pitch black was fine for a bit, but once temps dropped to the 20s and the sun didn’t rise until well after I got home, I lost all motivation. That’s why I was so grateful Ergatta brought me a rower to test out. It reminded me how much I missed rowing at my CrossFit gym.

I rowed a few times a week for about a month, and then felt inspired to challenge myself to row 10,000 meters every day for four weeks. The reason I chose this distance was because it took me about an hour, which was the workout time I was used to when taking a CrossFit class or going for a run. Since I didn’t have to contend with weather issues, I knew I could meet my goal as long as I kept it fun and picked one time every day that I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted. Here’s what happened after the four weeks ended.

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