Here's What to Eat – and When – After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

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Don’t expect a hearty steak reward for getting your wisdom teeth extracted – ice cream, though, is another story.

Of course, whatever your dentist says goes. Still, Sonal Bhoot, DMD, the founder of Dental Expressions Leawood in Kansas, noted that generally, it’s recommended that one eat something mildly cold, like fresh juice or ice cream, within half an hour of surgery.

“Do not use a straw for liquids as it might disturb the blood clot. Sip and drink slowly whenever you consume in the liquid form,” Dr. Bhoot said. “This helps to arrest the bleeding.”

Eating solid or semisolid food within two hours of extraction is often recommended so that you can have medication at the right time, she added. “The local anesthesia will wear off gradually, and it is better to take medicines within two hours to avoid pain.”

For the best results, Dr. Bhoot suggested you enjoy a soft diet that is easily chewable for 10 days postextraction – while eating, try to chew with unaffected parts of the mouth until the sockets heals. Heavily hydrating is important, too, she added.

“Avoid hot and spicy foods, carbonated beverages, coffee or tea that is hot, alcohol, and smoking for 10 days after extraction, as these can irritate the socket, cause infection, and delay healing.”

So trade the La Croix for some flat water – or maybe orange juice for flavor – until your dentist says you’re in the clear.

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