Where Actually Is the G-Spot and How Do I Find It?

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Okay okay okay, I know we’ve evolved a lot when it comes to knowledge about the female anatomy. We’ve come a long way from reading the sealed section of Dolly magazine underneath our covers, to find out all we can about masturbating and orgasms. But, I have to admit, that even now, I couldn’t really tell you where the G-spot is.

I mean, you can feel it, right? I think I speak for a lot of women by saying that experimenting with masturbation has become much more widely accepted and has taught us a lot about our bodies and how they work. After all, everyone is different and finds pleasure in different things.

If I were to tell you what the G-spot is off the top of my head, I’d probably say that one undeniable spot, somewhere on or near the clitoris, that just feels extra sensitive (in a good way) and usually pushes you over the edge into orgasm. I’m not actually sure that’s right, though?

Some people talk about the G-spot being somewhere inside of them that can be reached through penetration, which could also be true, but I don’t know. This is the thing about sex education — we didn’t get a proper one in school, so we just take bits of information where we can — and they don’t always align.

Thankfully, we have some incredible females taking over the sexology space in Australia, who are a great and trustworthy source of information and education. One of our faves, Georgia Grace, NORMAL Co‘s resident Sexologist and all-around babe, is here to give us all we need to know about the g-spot.

Listen up, babes. A lot of people think it’s an actual spot, that you press on and cum.

“A lot of people think the G-spot is an actual spot, that you can press on and makes you cum,” says Georgia, “but it’s not.”

Oops, guess I’m less educated than I thought.

“The G-spot or G-zone is actually a large area of tissue. The urethra is wrapped in erectile tissue, which means that the more aroused you are, the more erect it comes, which then protrudes from the vaginal wall and that’s when you can feel the G-spot,” Georgia explains.

“It kind of feels like the inside of a cheek.”

Okay, so what I’m understanding now is that basically, the G-spot is inside of you, which means that it can only be reached through penetration. Everyone’s G-spot is different, meaning it reacts differently, so while some could be easily aroused, others may take a little while, or may even require a certain rhythm or motion to become erect.

“That’s right,” says Georgia, “and the more aroused you are, the more likely you are to orgasm with penetration and hit that G-spot or G-zone.”

But what are some ways that we can encourage our G-zones to become aroused?

“Hip thrusts are powerful for building arousal and it’s also really helpful for orgasm to release your pelvic floor,” she says.

“A lot of us engage and tense while we’re having penetrative sex, which can feel great, but another way to reach a height of arousal is to really release our muscles. Releasing is especially powerful if you want to explore squirting.

“Releasing can feel counter-intuitive, you have to let go of that ‘not wetting the bed’ fear.”

“Another great way to way to warm up your G-zone, is by ‘edging’, which means moving towards and away from orgasm. This can be with external stimulation, a combination of external and internal, or even exploring other zones.”

Georgia wraps all of this insightful knowledge up with the fact that communication should always be at the forefront of truly experiencing pleasure.

“Communication is key,” she says. “Practise and play sessions can be super helpful. These can be a really comfy space, where you don’t put too much pressure on you and your partner to get it ‘right’. It’s okay to be clunky. Use your fingers, or some sustainable sex toys, play with pressure, you know, just play and learn.”

It’s quite overwhelming, the amount we still have to learn about our bodies and their ability for sexual pleasure and experimentation. If you want to continue learning, you can follow Georgie on Instagram.

BRB, going to actually find my G-zone.

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