Your Question, Answered: Why Do I Bloat After Having Sex?

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It’s never pleasant to experience bloating straight after having sex. Following an enjoyable experience with something not-so-comfortable can make it even more jarring. If you consistently experience bloating after sex, there’s really nothing to worry about as it’s completely normal.

But, there might be a few reasons why this is happening to you and, thanks to the expertise of women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, MD, we got to the bottom of your post-sex bloating. Here’s might you might be experiencing this uncomfortable feeling.

It’s Connected to Your Period

Hormonal changes during the month can cause bloating, with this usually occurring around your period. And, it could be as simple as period-induced bloating that is coinciding with post-sex bloating. “Oftentimes, women will experience bloating before and/or during menstruation, so if they have intercourse around that time of the month, it is likely to play a role,” Dr Wider told POPSUGAR.

It’s Digestive Issues

It might not have anything to do with sex at all, but rather be connected to issues with your gut, says Dr Wider. If you have a prior history of digestive issues like constipation, indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome, you are probably more prone to bloating after sex as a result of this sensitivity. Dr Wider recommends avoiding eating foods that can trigger bloating (like beans and legumes) before having sex. Consuming things like ginger or peppermint tea have also been shown to help reduce bloating, so it might be worth a try.

You Have a Retroverted Uterus

A retroverted uterus means the uterus is tilted backwards, which can cause it to move and make contact with other organs nearby during sex. The result? Possible abdominal pain and bloating. “Signs of a retroverted uterus are pain during sex and painful menstruation, but often it has no symptoms,” said Dr Wider. To find out whether or not this is what is causing your post-sex bloating, head to your doctor for a routine pelvic exam.

You’re Not Using Protection

It might sound strange but if you’re not using protection like a condom, it could be adding to the bloating or post-sex cramping. According to Dr Wider, if semen enters your vagina, the prostaglandin (active lipid compounds) found in semen can cause your uterus to contract and can be quite uncomfortable.

While post-sex bloating can be pretty normal, if you’re still experiencing discomfort and bloating hours after intercourse, Dr Wider recommends seeking advice from a healthcare professional.

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