Woolworths Rebrands ‘Personal Care’ Section in Supermarket to ‘Period Care’

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For too long we have used euphemisms to refer to our periods. Surfing the crimson wave, Aunt Flo, shark week, time of the month, on the rag and code red are just a few of the many names menstruation is called. In venues like supermarkets and chemists, the products needed to deal with periods, like pads, tampons and menstrual cups, are often referred to as “personal care products”.  

Woolworths has taken a step forward in helping destigmatise periods by changing the wording of its personal care section. Previously, this aisle where pads and tampons reside displayed the words ‘Personal Care and Sanitary Product’. From now on, this will read ‘Period and Continence Care’. A small change, yes, but an extremely worthwhile one indeed.

This move from Woolies follows a successful trial undertaken in Woolworths New Zealand Supermarkets. Before this trial, there wasn’t any other local or international retailer who used the word ‘period’ to describe the products people buy to deal with menstruation. This new signage is visible across Woolworths online now and will be rolled out in stores across Australia progressively over the next few months. 

“Many of us still tread around using the word period as if it’s inappropriate or something to be ashamed of. The truth is periods are a very natural part of life,” said Woolworths managing director Natalie Davis.

“This is a change we can make today that will help debunk the stigma of calling a period what it is and will help many young women grow up feeling less shame or embarrassment, so we’re excited to introduce this in Australia.

“Our research shows that Australians agree there is still a stigma around the word period. As Australia’s largest retailer, we feel a responsibility to make a simple change, that can help remove some of the embarrassment around periods.”

Hear, hear!

Woolworths has also partnered with Share The Dignity — a charity that distributes period products to make a real, on the ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough — for the third year in a row to help address the issue of period poverty

Period poverty refers to when a person can’t afford the most basic of essentials to be able to deal with their period. While it might sound improbable, those who experience period poverty often rely on using items like rolled up toilet paper and socks in lieu of pads or tampons. Since Woolies first partnered with the charity in 2019, more than $1.8 million has been donated to support Share The Dignity’s community impact programs.

In March, five cents from every packet of pads, tampons and liners purchased at Woolworths will be donated to Share The Dignity to install Dignity Vending Machines filled with period products. To help this worthwhile charity, head to the ‘Period Care’ section of your local Woolies and buy a stash of pads and tampons.

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