“I Love the Efficiency”: Zoë Foster Blake’s Favourite POPSUGAR Workouts That You’ll Want to Try

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You may have noticed via her Instagram Stories that Zoë Foster Blake is a fan of the POPSUGAR Fitness workouts. In case you’re not familiar, there are a plethora of workout videos available on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. From five-minute back and butt workouts, to 27-minute dance cardio exercises, there’s something for everyone.

And, these videos are updated regularly, so you’ll never get bored with the content on offer. Foster Blake got into the habit of working out with POPSUGAR Fitness during lockdown in Melbourne last year and has since kept it up.

“I am such a fan,” Foster Blake told POPSUGAR Australia in a recent interview. “I thought it would be something that I would get bored of. I’d already done my extended lockdown in Melbourne last year and thought that I would never want to do anything that I did in that lockdown again, but I’m still doing it. I think the trainers are phenomenal.”

For Foster Blake, the beauty of the POPSUGAR Fitness workouts lies in the efficiency. She can complete the exercises pretty much anywhere within her home, they don’t take long and she’s guaranteed to work up a sweat in no time.

“I can do it in my bedroom, it doesn’t matter where the kids are in the house,” she said. “I can do it on the deck. I love the efficiency of it.”

When it comes to her favourite POPSUGAR Fitness trainers, Foster Blake is quick to mention Charlee Atkins. “Charlee’s my girl,” she said. “I just find the way she explains things really connects with me because I’m a simple beast and I love her explanations.”

As for her favourite workouts, Foster Blake is all about getting her heart rate up and breaking a sweat — something she said she was missing during lockdown which prompted her to begin the POPSUGAR workouts.

“I got really bored of Pilates,” Foster Blake said. “I just wanted to break a sweat. There are some killers though. There was a dance barre one I did the other day and I reserved that for a moment when I’d had coffee and I’ve got energy but it was hard!

“I just think they’re brilliant and why don’t people know about them? They’re free, they’re there, there’s probably hundreds.”

Take a leaf out of Foster Blake’s book and give the POPSUGAR Fitness workouts a go. As she noted, there are heaps of workouts to choose from, they are all housed on YouTube and are completely free. How good!

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