How to Collect Eggs and Recipes in Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day Event

A character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons holding up a Bunny Day egg from the Bunny Day 2022 event.

It’s Easter season, which means it’s time for the annual Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Bunny Day is the in-game Easter holiday celebration that enlists Zipper, a yellow rabbit and the game’s version of the Easter Bunny, to hide eggs and special holiday-themed DIY recipes on everybody’s islands. It’s your only chance to collect these items all year long, so we’ve put together a Bunny Day guide. This way, you’ll know all about the different kinds of Bunny Day eggs, where to find them and what to do with them.

When Is Bunny Day 2022?

This year, the celebrations begin on April 10 and run until Bunny Day on April 17. You’ll be able to meet Zipper and start collecting eggs from then, and it’ll help to get a head start during the week. Additionally, there are exclusive Bunny Day items for sale in Nook’s Cranny during the celebration.

If you can’t find Zipper or any eggs during this time, make sure you have the latest update installed.

How to Find Bunny Day Eggs

There are six kinds of eggs to collect during Bunny Day:

  • Leaf Eggs: some trees on your island will drop eggs instead of leaves or fruit
  • Stone Eggs: hit rocks with your axe or shovel for a chance to mine eggs instead of iron nuggets, clay or bells
  • Wood Eggs: some trees will drop eggs instead of wood when you strike them with your axe
  • Earth Eggs: you can dig up eggs instead of fossils at certain star-shaped cracks in the ground
  • Water Eggs: there’s a chance you’ll reel in eggs instead of fish at medium-sized shadows in the water
  • Sky Eggs: look out for multi-coloured balloons floating in the sky and shoot them down with your slingshot to collect eggs or Bunny Day recipes

To collect them all, you’ll need an axe, shovel, fishing rod and slingshot. It’s also a good idea to equip a net and shake the trees to check for wasps before chopping them for Wood Eggs.

How to Find Bunny Day Recipes

Zipper will give you a Bunny Day recipe when you first speak to him, and you can collect lots more daily during the event. They’re found in certain Sky Egg balloons and bottles or learned by picking up enough eggs, and you can bring eggs to Zipper to redeem them for recipes on Bunny Day itself. If you find and craft every Bunny Day recipe, you’ll also receive a special present from Zipper!

What Happens on Bunny Day?

Zipper will return to your island on April 17 with new tasks and rewards that earn you prizes. If you have leftover eggs you don’t need for crafting, Zipper will take them in exchange for items. He’ll also trade you for eggs (at a 3:1 exchange rate), which is a good way to quickly complete any outstanding recipes you might have. As with other in-game events, your island will be decorated for Bunny Day and villagers will be in costume, including the extremely cute Bunny Day eggshell hat.

Afterwards, you can sell any leftover eggs — but it’s more profitable to craft as many Bunny Day recipes as you can and then sell those!

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