All I Need in This Life of Sin Is Me and My Baby Yoda Tamagotchi

The Grogu Tamagotchi.

Y2K is back, baby! Baby Yoda, that is, who’s getting his own Tamagotchi that’s just as cute as you’re imagining. The Grogu Tamagotchi will task you with taking on Pedro Pascal’s role as Space Daddy by feeding baby Yoda squid chowder and macarons until he grows into one of 12 different appearances.

Your bonding sessions will be broken up with mini-games, including some that unlock and change depending on how you interact, as well as hourly appearances by “special guests”.

Although it’s tempting to correct our childhood wrongs and shower Grogu with love and affection, keep in mind that feeding him too often will result in the squid abandoning its chowder bowl and jumping on him.

For anyone who had a Tamagotchi growing up, this news might be bittersweet. Someone in the POPSUGAR team said it “made me realise that while I’m only 33 and have a 2-year-old daughter, I’ve actually been a mum for two decades” because of her teenage Tamagotchi.

“My collection of Tamagotchis and Neopets had me in a chokehold in primary school and prepared me for the realities of human parenting, and I can’t wait to add one more child to my family. One that can conveniently fit inside my pocket.”

The Grogu Tamagotchi is available to pre-order now, with orders set to arrive from January 27, 2023. There are two colours to choose from, including one that shows Grogu using the force and comes with a detachable silicone case in the shape of his head. Super cute! Both versions are available on Amazon, but Big W also has the standard version. Here’s everywhere you can pre-order the Grogu Tamagotchi in Australia so far:

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