Got Your PS VR2? Here are the 10 Games Everyone Should Play

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The PS VR2 is out, and the first reviews are loving this easy-to-use headset. Made specifically for the PS5, the PS VR2 benefits from features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and the OLED displays make playing VR games clear and colourful.

So, what to play on your new PS VR2? There’s a small but mighty collection of games already available, with more on the way. From rhythm games to puzzlers and ambitious action games, here’s your guide to the best PS VR2 games.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

The flagship game for the PS VR2 is set during the events of “Horizon Zero Dawn” and sees you play as a disgraced Carja soldier named Ryas. Fire a bow, climb mountains, team up with Aloy, and take down giant machines with your own two hands.

Resident Evil Village

A free update for anyone who owns the game on PS5, the “Resident Evil Village” VR mode lets you play the full game in a terrifying, immersive way. Thanks to the quality and length of the 10-hour game, this is by far one of the most satisfying PS VR 2 games. It’s never been easier for Lady Dimitrescu to step on you.

Pistol Whip

A rhythm-based FPS where you shoot, punch, and pistol whip waves of enemies to the beat of some absolute bangers.

Kayak VR: Mirage

This is one of the best games to play on the PS VR2 if you just want to sit back and be amazed. As the name suggests, the gameplay consists of paddling a kayak — but the name doesn’t account for how beautiful the experience is. Put on the headset and pretend you’re exploring Antarctica, all from the comfort, safety, and warmth of your own couch.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris might not be your first thought when you think of VR gaming, but “Tetris Effect: Connected” is one of the most immersive experiences you can have in VR. Bright and gorgeous backgrounds move in front of you as you play, while the music reacts to each block you place. You can even play with friends in co-op and versus modes. It’s seriously easy to lose track of time in this one.

No Man’s Sky

Playing this in VR is as close as you’re going to get to flying across the galaxy in a real spaceship. An update released alongside the PS VR2 included a suite of improvements for playing in VR, including higher quality textures, more accurate motion controls and gestures, additional accessibility features and options, haptic feedback for ship engine rumble, and more.

Puzzling Places

How do “jigsaw puzzles in VR” sound to you? “Puzzling Places” lets you solve beautiful, photorealistic, and 3D puzzles in VR (so your coffee table won’t get cluttered!) to a soothing soundscape.

Get “Puzzling Places” ($29.95) or play the free PS VR2 demo here.

The Last Clockwinder

This clever and creative puzzle game tasks you with restoring an abandoned clocktower by programming robots to perform specific movements they copy from you. The commands you give the robots start small but become increasingly challenging with the addition of extra robots and more complex tasks.

Before Your Eyes

You control the story in this innovative VR game by blinking. That’s right, thanks to the PS VR2’s eye tracking, the story advances every time you blink. It takes place after your death, as you’re reliving the most important memories of your life in order to pass onto the afterlife.


A tactical shooter in the same vein as “CS:GO”, “Pavlov” is often called one of the best VR FPS games. It’s got super precise weapon handling and smooth movement, and supports solo play and squads.

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