The Best Simulation Games That Let You Live Out Another Life

A screenshot of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Asobo Studio

Most games let you escape reality and play make-believe in supernatural adventures or wild fantasy worlds. Simulator games are different. They let you live out the minutiae of a very specific and often extremely niche activity or career — and we love them.

On paper, it sounds like trading in your day job for yet another day job, but the best simulator games cleverly parcel up the fun things and skip over the boring realities. They let us experiment with recipes without worrying about the taste, and herd cows without worrying about drought. Simulator games offer an escape from real life by letting us indulge in another, better real life.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most popular simulation games. Any time you’re feeling burnt out in real life, you can take a little break with one of these sims and pretend you’re a pilot, or a power washer, or a farmer or the manager of a hospital. Whatever you feel like, really.

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