The ‘M3GAN’ Creators Are Starting a Video Game Studio So Are We Getting M3GAME?

M3GAN facing the camera with an innocent but slightly menacing expression.
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One month on from “M3GAN’s” cinematic debut, the murder doll with killer looks has proven time and time again that she has the staying power of Internet Explorer. And now Blumhouse, one of the movie’s production companies, has announced a video game publishing studio called Blumhouse Games. It’s got one simple goal: to bring us indie darling horror games in the same vein as its movies.

That means original, smaller-budget stories (below USD$10 million) for console, PC, and mobile. Blumhouse is known for turning obscure or unusual horror flicks into box office gold, and its films have a specific brand of notoriety that ensures frantic fandom and longevity. And while Blumhouse Games isn’t ready to announce any of its titles yet, everything is pointing to games with similar vibes to these cinema hits. If that means we get a horror game that explores the boundaries between AI and humanity via a camp bloodbath à la “M3GAN”, deconstruct class and racial issues as smartly as “Get Out”, or scare the daylights out of us as successfully as “Paranormal Activity”, that’s okay with us.

Blumhouse Games will be run by video game industry veterans Zach Wood and Don Sechler.

“There’s a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space, and I’m thrilled about teaming up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company’s brand, reputation, and creative talent,” Wood said.

The studio wants to make innovative and creative games, which is what we need more of in the horror genre. YMMV, but there are only so many scares a gory monster game like “The Callisto Protocol” can deliver before you start grimly anticipating the next “surprise”. If anyone can make more horror games at the same level as “Alien: Isolation” and Supermassive Games at its best, it’s Blumhouse.

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