Run a Spa for Capybaras in This Relaxing Point-and-Click Game

Capybara Spa
Cozy Bee Games

The latest wholesome game we’re addicted to is Capybara Spa, which is exactly what it says in the title: you’re in charge of running a spa for cute capybaras and their friends, and you can grow fruits, make soap, build and decorate hot tubs and fluff towels for your guests. It’s a simple point-and-click game that’s as relaxing as it is cute, which is to say, very!

You start on an empty mountain with three tiers of grass to build on, and begin placing baths to serve your first furry customers. Then you can plant snacks like strawberries, blueberries and carrots, which you can feed to the capybaras as they soak to complement their spa experience. Once things are running smoothly, you can decorate with fairy lights and trellis fences. As your spa expands, you add new services, flowers and decorations to make it the best ever spa for capybaras and their friends.

It’s just such an adorable concept that’s made even better thanks to the whimsical art style. The gameplay is really simple but it’s so satisfying when you see a capybara the bath with a little smile on their face. My heart!

Of course, the concept stems from the real footage of capybaras in yuzu baths, a Japanese tradition during the winter solstice.

Capybara Spa is created by Cozy Bee Games, an indie studio founded by Éloïse Laroche that focuses on wholesome simulation games about friendship, nature and creativity. Cozy Bee also made Bunny Park, where you build a bunny playground with snacks, toys and swings; Alchemy Story, a magical farming sim where you grow plants, brew potions, care for your pets and meet new friends; and Lemon Cake, a bakery sim that tasks you with preparing pastries from farm to table. The studio is also working on a new game called The Ranch of Rivershine, a horse sim where you raise foals and train horses to explore the western wilderness and compete in shows. It might just be my dream game, but until it comes out later in 2022, I’ll be making a spa for my capybaras.

Capybara Spa is available on Steam now.

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