13 New And Upcoming Releases For Cosy Gaming

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Escaping to virtual worlds has always been a source of comfort for gamers. It took on a whole new meaning during the pandemic, when everyone found themselves confined to their homes. During this time, the cosy gaming sub-genre took off. People discovered new virtual ways to reconnect with loved ones, and found solace from the stressors of daily life.

Since then, cosy gaming has grown even more popular, ushering in an era of video games that offer players escapism, comfort and community in a stress-free and low-stakes environment. There aren’t any difficult controls to master or bosses to defeat. In fact, one of the most appealing aspects of cosy games is their simplicity, accessibility and inclusivity. Whether you’re new to gaming or a master gamer, anyone can dive into a cosy title and start enjoying it within minutes.

While everyone should play cosy games, the genre has become a safe space for marginalised groups — in particular, female gamers. There’s no gatekeeping, no toxic masculinity and no gender-based hostility. Instead, the cosy gaming community is welcoming and inclusive. This is because, at the end of the day, you can’t experience cosiness without first feeling safe.

With cosy games on the rise, here are some new and upcoming titles that should be on your to-play list. From a refreshing take on the classic farming simulator to emotional narratives that explore cultural identity. Even opportunities to escape to Ghibli-inspired worlds! There’s something for every cosy gamer to enjoy.


Cheesemaster Games

In the world of Spirittea, you assume the role of a writer who has sought refuge in a small countryside town in search of inspiration for their novel. After accidentally drinking tea from an ancient teapot, you gain the ability to perceive the spirit realm. This newfound skill leads you to discover that the town is inhabited by spirits who have become troublesome and lost after being neglected by the townspeople. Your mission is to restore order by assisting the spirits, building relationships with the locals and overseeing the town’s bathhouse. Drawing inspiration from the soothing ambience of Studio Ghibli films and other beloved cosy titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, Spirittea looks like everything I’ve ever wanted in a cosy video game.

Xbox (available on Xbox Game Pass) and PC.

Thirsty Suitors

Outerloop Games

At first glance, you might not think of Thirsty Suitors as a cosy game. There are no cute, animal-like characters to play as, and there aren’t any farming elements. Instead, you have an electrifying and colourful art style combined with a story that delves into cultural barriers, relationships, family pressures and a journey of self-expression. You play as Jala, a 25-year-old second-gen Indian woman. She returns to her hometown to attend her sister’s wedding and confront her past. Through turn-based gameplay (that features skateboarding, battles and cooking minigames), you’ll guide Jala in confronting her exes, navigating broken friendships and attempting to mend her relationship with her parents.

So, why include this in an article about cosy games? Well, as someone who shares Jala’s Indian heritage and is close in age, I can already anticipate the therapeutic and healing potential of this game. Particularly in the context of reconciling with one’s cultural identity. To me, that represents a very special feeling of cosiness.

Platforms: Xbox (available on Xbox Game Pass) and PC.

A Space For The Unbound


This slice-of-life adventure game features a distinct pixel art style alongside a beautiful soundtrack and the ability to pet (and name!) several cats. Set in a small town inspired by the developer’s own experiences of growing up in 1990s rural Indonesia, A Space For The Unbound follows high school sweethearts Atma and Raya on a journey of self-discovery at the end of their high school years. They must explore and investigate their town to uncover hidden secrets and help their friends face their inner demons to stop the end of the world.

Platforms: Xbox and PC.

Coral Island

Stairway Games

Featuring vibrant depictions of coral reefs and a laidback coastal lifestyle, Coral Island presents a refreshing take on the classic farming sim genre. At the start of each player’s journey, you receive a neglected patch of land on Coral Island to transform. From this point, you’re in charge of deciding what to construct, which crops to cultivate and which animals to care for. As the seasons unfold, you’re encouraged to forge connections with a diverse community of islanders. You also contribute to the restoration of the coral reef, venture into monster-filled caves, nurture your farm, participate in community initiatives… Even find that special someone! Your Coral Island narrative is yours to shape. Judging by the trailer, there will be many chapters dedicated to exploring this beautiful game.

 Xbox (available with Xbox Game Pass) and PC.

Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Toge Productions

Engaging characters, captivating pixel-style visuals, a comforting lo-fi soundtrack and the chance to whip up the perfect brew — this is the essence of Coffee Talk. It’s a wonderfully executed narrative-driven,  cosy game that can serve as the perfect balm to a drained soul and mind. Set in an alternative contemporary Seattle where humans, orcs, elves, and other races coexist harmoniously, you play as a barista managing a late-night coffee shop. Over a warm drink or two, you engage with customers, lend an ear to their stories and occasionally offer advice. Hibiscus & Butterfly serves as the second instalment in the series and it’s every bit as heartwarming and exquisite as the first game.

Platforms: Xbox and PC.



KarmaZoo revolves around the straightforward premise it was named after, meaning that if you help someone or work well together as a group, you’ll be rewarded for your good behaviour and earn karma. So, how does this concept translate into gameplay? Well, in KarmaZoo, you’ll join a team of up to 10 randomly selected players from various parts of the world. Together, you’ll tackle increasingly challenging levels and are encouraged to forge meaningful connections. This could mean anything from sticking together to sacrificing yourself. Don’t worry, the acts of kindness and good deeds performed by you and your team won’t go unnoticed. Earned karma goes towards unlocking KarmaPass rewards. Overall, KarmaZoo sounds like a joyful experience that’s sure to spread a little bit of kindness and a lot of laughs between gamers.

Xbox and PC.


Spoonful Of Wonder

Delve into the themes of rejection, belonging and the true meaning of home in Copycat. It’s a narrative-driven Australian indie game that aims to portray the human-pet bond in all its forms. You play as Dawn, a recently adopted shelter cat who becomes the victim of an elaborate plan when a jealous and stray “copycat” steals your place in the household.  Similar to last year’s Stray, this game boasts colourful visuals alongside an emotional storyline. It’s bound to tug at heartstrings and leave players (hi, it’s me!) emotionally distraught. I can’t wait to play it.

Very important bonus fact: The developers have confirmed the inclusion of a “meow” button.

Xbox and PC.

Release date: Coming soon.


Vivink Studios

Hailing from Vivink Studios, a small indie team based in Australia, comes Ailuri — a hand-drawn, 2D platformer that radiates heartfelt charm. The game bears the same name as its protagonist, an endangered red panda who is on a mission to safeguard the world from environmental destruction and to rescue fellow creatures. Ailuri may seem tiny, but this adorable red panda possesses mystical abilities given by its lost family. As summed up by the game’s developers, “Ailuri is a tragic tale about facing extinction, protecting what matters to you most and never giving up hope.” With its powerful environmental themes, this game will be sure to deliver both an emotional punch and an important moral lesson.


Release date: Coming soon, but a demo is available to play.

Magical Delicacy


Have you ever wished for a game inspired by the Studio Ghibli classic “Kiki’s Delivery Service”? Well, allow me to introduce you to Magical Delicacy. Described as a “wholesome, pixel art platformer”, you will play as Flora, a young witch. She operates a business delivering tasty treats, teas, meals and potions to the residents of a bustling harbour town. Your day-to-day will include gathering ingredients from fellow merchants, acquiring new culinary tools and devising new recipes to fulfil your customers’ unique requests. During your deliveries, you’ll navigate the town and uncover its hidden mysteries. How beautiful and whimsical does this game sound?!

Platforms: Xbox (will be available on Xbox Game Pass) and PC.

Release date: 2024.

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain


Speaking of “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, this wholesome coming-of-age game introduces us to an aspiring young witch named Mika. In her quest to complete her training, Mika embarks on a mission to assist the townsfolk at the bottom of the mountain by delivering packages via her magic broom. With each successful delivery, Mika inches toward acquiring a magical broom that’ll help her reach the top of the mountain. During her journey, she’ll meet characters, discover magical places and soar on the currents of the wind. All while marvelling at the view from above. This game embodies the same light-hearted magic that makes Ghibli movies so special. I expect that Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will evoke a similar sense of cosiness.

Platforms: Xbox and PC.

Release date: 2024.


Helder Pinto

Embark on a journey to a breathtaking and lush paradise filled with lakes, meadows and mountains to explore — all situated on the terraformed moon Europa. You will play as an android named Zee who stumbles upon the remnants of a fallen civilisation and sets out to discover the story of the last human alive. With a Ghibli-inspired art style, Europa looks to be a peaceful, meditative and visually stunning game to play.

Platforms: Consoles and PC.

Release date: 2024, but there is a demo available to play.

Until Then

Polychroma Games

Set in a fictionalised world inspired by the Philippines and its rich culture, Until Then revolves around a fateful meeting that triggers a cascade of events for teenager Mark Borja and his friends. Prior to this, they were navigating the highs and lows of another year of high school. Now, people are disappearing, and memories prove unreliable. The responsibility falls on Mark and his friends to race against time and unearth the truth before it’s too late. By engaging with a diverse cast of characters through in-person conversations, text messages, emails and social media, you’ll explore the themes of love, loss and friendship. Your likes and comments carry the potential for consequences, prompting you to scroll through social media posts, emails, webpages, and more on your in-game smartphone to unveil hints and clues about the people and the world around you.

While the storyline may appear heavy, Until Then weaves in moments of comic relief through what the developers call “the little games you find yourself playing in everyday life”. These could range from the challenge of inserting a flash drive (which no one ever gets correct the first go) or playfully fighting your friend for more fishballs at a food stand. With a beautifully hand-drawn pixel art style, I’m excited to get my hands on Until Then and learn more about Filipino culture while playing Mark’s story.

Xbox and PC.

Release date: Coming soon.

Go-Go Town!

Prideful Sloth

You’ve often heard the advice to become your own boss, right? Well, Aussie-based developers Prideful Sloth have turned that notion into a reality in Go-Go Town. Step into the shoes of the mayor. Your mission? Breathe life back into a rundown town and its citizens — transforming it into a prime tourist destination. To achieve this, you’ll need to engage with citizens, establish new businesses, hire staff, oversee infrastructure, enhance the town’s aesthetics and make a tonne of adult decisions — all while avoiding any number of catastrophes. Once you’re up and running, it’s time to expand, add personal touches and become the talk of the country.

It may sound like a chaotic nightmare, but imagine how much fun it will be to create your very own town and experience that gleeful satisfaction once you see it flourishing. I don’t know about you, but this sounds exactly like my idea of fun.

Xbox and PC.

Release date: 2024.

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