The DualSense Edge Pro Controller Comes Out This Week — Here’s Where to Get It In Aus

The DualSense Edge controller for PS5.

The DualSense Edge arrives on January 25, and pre-orders are live for anyone who’s keen to secure one of the PS5 pro controllers ahead of this week’s launch. Here’s where you can get it in Australia:

It’s a chunky price tag at $339, but you’re getting the first high-performance controller Sony has ever made. Specifically, the DualSense Edge has:

  • Changeable stick modules and stick caps
  • Mappable back buttons
  • Adjustable trigger lengths
  • Remappable buttons
  • Adjustable stick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and vibration intensity
  • Quick-swap control profiles
  • On-controller user interface
  • Signature comfort and slip-resistant inner grips
  • Quick access profile settings menu
  • DualSense charging station
  • Carrying Case

With so many modular and changeable parts, the DualSense Edge allows you to customise how it feels and responds to your inputs. The different stick modules change the height of the thumbsticks, while the travel distance of the left and right triggers can be adjusted independently of each other. There are two kinds of back buttons — long levers similar to the ones on the Xbox Elite Series 2 and a smaller set of rounded, half-dome buttons. And if your DualSense Edge develops stick drift in the future, you can swap out the entire thumbstick with a replacement (albeit at an additional $35 cost).

Not everyone will need this level of customisation, but it’s a great option for anyone who feels like the standard controller is just a biiiit off.

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